Huntington Beach Pet Hospital

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At Huntington Beach Pet Hospital, we will ensure that the newest and most effective therapies are available for your pet companions.  

Yes, Huntington Beach Pet Hospital is now carrying the new allergy medication Apoquel.  If your pet has been on long-term steroids, or doesn't appear to be responding well to any other therapies your veterinarian has offered, give us a call!

Convenience. Proven effectiveness.  All in one chewable tablet.

There are so many flea products available.  Why does ACCHB support Trifexis?  It will not only kill fleas, but also begin to work within 30 minutes and kill them all in 4 hours!  But, it is also a heartworm preventative and excellent monthly deworming medication to treat and prevent adult roundworms, hookworms and whipworms.  So, we support Trifexis because it can protect your pet companion and your family.  

 Dermoscent Essential 6 Spot-On Treatment coming soon!

Patented, topical, once-a-week treatment to restore skin hydration, reduce scales and dandruff, reduce odor, help treatment seborrheic skin conditions and a dry/dull coat. Why settle for the same shampoo products from decades ago.  Click the image above to learn more about new skin products coming to ACCHB.

Osurnia Otic gel for ear infections in dogs

For the health of your pet companions, Huntington Beach Pet Hospital will not stop at only recommending the best flea control and skin therapies.  We are committed to ensuring the latest innovations in veterinary medicine are available at our hospital.  Osurnia, requires only one treatment for each ear with repeated treatment in 7 days.  You can read more about the release of Osurnia by clicking the image above.